Hello world!

Welcome to the NABD Membership Portal.

Here you will be able to become a member of the National Association for Bikers with a Disability.

Once you are a Member you will be able to view and manage your membership details.

We have several membership options, raging from one off payments, annual auto-renew payments and monthly payment subscriptions.

Why should I become a Member?

Your Membership fees help pay the bills of the Association, from renting our small office on an industrial estate in Manchester, to paying the electricity bill and for Internet access. This means that all donations made towards getting disabled bikers back on the road are used for just that purpose and nothing else.

We do have some very kind sponsors who’s donations are given to cover a specific cost, such as insuring the NABD Stall van, but any funds received via Collection Pots, Sponsored Walks & Rides, Rallies and party events etc all go straight into the Grands Fund which both members and Non-members can apply to, for helping them adapt their vehicles so that they can ride again.