These are the Terms of Membership of The National Association for Bikers with a Disability, hereafter described as NABD or The NABD in this document. Agreement to these terms is a condition of Membership.

Membership of the NABD in no way confers on the Member the right to speak on behalf of The NABD or otherwise represent The NABD, unless that Member volunteers and is accepted by the National Committee as a Volunteer Representative of The NABD.

Membership does confer the rights of Membership as decreed by the Constitution of the Association which can be requested from the Office. This may include discounts on NABD Merchandise & discount codes from selected Partner and Affiliated Businesses. Cancellation of this Membership removes the right to any such discounts or benefits.

All Memberships are deemed to be of 1 year duration, even if paid for on a Monthly or Installment basis, except for Lifetime Memberships which are deemed to be for the lifespan of the Member. Non-renewal of a Membership, when the annual date falls due will be deemed to be the same as a cancellation.

The monthly or other installment plans are offered on a basis of a “Promise to Pay” & we hope that you do not feel the need to cancel any payment arrangement before making the payment of the full annual membership.

If a Monthly subscription or other Installment plan is cancelled before the end of it’s due terms, that Membership will be deemed as cancelled at the end of the current month.

If an Annual Membership is cancelled, it will be deemed to be cancelled at the end of it’s 1 year period, when renewal would fall due. This applies to Single Payment & Auto-Renewing Memberships.

If a Member cancels an Auto-Renewing payment through this Portal it is the members responsibility to also verify that the automatic payment in place, be it via PayPal subscription or Direct Debit Mandate is also cancelled.

The Member has the right to cancel at any point during their Membership, but Annual Members may still log in to this Portal & receive email & other communication from The NABD until their renewal date falls due.

Renewal of a lapsed Membership at a point of up to 6 months past an Annual renewal date shall be deemed to be a renewal of an existing membership, with an expiry date of 1 year from the original renewal date.

Renewal of a lapsed Membership which is over 6 months past it’s original renewal date shall be deemed to be a new Membership of 1 years duration but the Member forgoes the right to maintain their original “Joining Date” for any kind of continuity of Membership status such as Membership Number etc.

Any queries about these Terms of Membership can be directed to the Committee via the Office email –